Fire Department

Jacksonport firefighters training in winter at a simulated auto accident.
Jacksonport firefighters training in winter at a simulated auto accident.

About Our Fire Department

Jacksonport prides itself on its volunteer fire department. Its members are the truest of public servants. When their pagers sound, the men and women who provide fire protection and first-response medical aid race from jobs or homes to aid those in need.

They train constantly, attend seminars, acquire new skills, maintain equipment, clear storm-fallen trees, pitch in for town celebrations and run their own fund-raising events.

When Jacksonport firefighters answer a call the odds are they will be assisting someone they know — friends, relatives, former teachers. Emotional stress is part of the job.

Of more than 870 fire departments in Wisconsin, some 800 are volunteer. For our volunteers, payday comes each time someone says, “Thank you.”

Jacksonport’s Sealegs amphibious rescue boat sprints across Lake Michigan.

2019 FD annual report

The fire department would like to extend our deepest appreciation to the support that our taxpayers give us year after year.  In 2019 we will continue to work to improve the services we provide to the town.

If you have any interest in joining the department please feel free to contact Chief LeClair (920) 823-2488.

Jacksonport Fire Department Apparatus

ENGINE 8 – Central States mini pumper (2000 Ford F-550)
ENGINE 9 – Central States main engine (2004 International)
TANKER 7 – J&B water tanker (1996 International)
TANKER 12 – J&B water tanker (1997 GMC)
BRUSH TRUCK 21 – Custom Fabricated and Body Brush Truck (2010 Ford F-350)
RESCUE BOAT 22 – 20-foot Sealegs amphibious rescue boat, 115 HP motor
BOAT 2 – 12-foot Zodiac with 4-stroke Mercury motor