Jacksonport businesses rely on local support throughout the year, but especially when the tourist traffic dies down.

When visitors descend on town, business owners get a needed economic boost. For its size, Jacksonport offers an impressive assortment of places to lodge, dine and shop. Outside the town core, there are places to kayak, sample wine, buy produce, feed farm animals and appreciate fine art. Residents relay on local service providers, which include landscaping, tree services, flooring, plumbing, HAVC and electric work.

A number of businesses and organizations are united through the Jacksonport Area Business Association (JABA), which sponsors the Tuesday Farmer’s Market, June to October at Jacksonport’s Lakeside Park.

JABA also hosts a website — — and produces an annual brochure to promote the township, its business community, yearly events, parks and attractions.

Meetings of the JABA are typically held semi-annually in the Jacksonport area. For more information, email Joe Jarosh at [email protected] or contact the organization president, Bob Geitner, at (920) 823-2112.